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MadiK's is owned by farmers now in their 3rd generation, who have been growing almonds for over four decades in the USA. With over 4,000 acres of almond orchards located in central California, USA; they are the 25th largest almond grower in the world (there are approximately 8,000 different almond growers in the world).

We maintain the highest quality standards of almond products manufactured and packaged in our three State-of the-Art Southern California factories where we emulate family Christian values consisting of trust, integrity, pride of ownership and passion for our delicious and healthy almond products.

MadiK's Story

MadiK's was born in 2007 in the city of San Dimas CA. The owners, experienced almond farmers, after decades of working in the almond fields, decided to vertically integrate their business and take all their almonds to the consumer while directly controlling all aspects of the operations; from the tree to the mouth. This business plan allowed them to:

MadiK's has been successfully able to market its products nationally and internationally through different trade channels; our products are exported to Asia and the Americas. Today MadiK's operates from three different factories in the cities of San Dimas and La Verne California. We look forward to extending our product line and having our almond products being enjoyed by many more.

Almond Facts

Learn a bit more about almonds and their extraordinary healthy properties


Almonds are botanically a stone fruit related to the cherry, the plum and the peach. They are mentioned as far back as the Bible and were brought to California from Spain approximately in the mid 1700's.

20-25 almonds (approximately one ounce) contain as much calcium as a 1/4 cup of milk. Almonds contain more magnesium than oatmeal or even spinach.

Our Equipment

MadiK's utilizes quality and State of the Art equipment to process and package all our almond products.

OUR Team

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